Next Chapter

27 Jan

Hi friends and family! Tim and I are enjoying learning to be parents, and Grayson seems to enjoy teaching us. She’s generally a happy kid (like her dad) except when she’s hungry and she gets mad (like her mom.) She’s seven months old and going strong, but this post isn’t about her! (What??!)

Tim and I have decided to try something new and move out to the country! Being city-mice, we’re not exactly sure how to be country-mice, so we’re taking baby steps. First step: sell our city house.

Guess what? DONE! Yup, we listed our house on Wednesday and by Friday, had a binding sales agreement for full asking price! Yahoo!

398 Milledge Avenue

398 Milledge Avenue


Milledge_8 Milledge_6 Milledge_11

That’s right- all that hard work renovating our little house paid off, so we are turning her over to her next caretakers. We haven’t met them yet, but their agent says they are super-excited to find our little gem on the park.  Wait until the Farmer’s Market opens up in March- they will LOVE walking down to the park and shopping for farm-fresh veggies.

As for us, we’ll be living on said farm. We happened upon a little community called Serenbe just south of Atlanta and only 20 minutes from the airport.

But it’s another world. It’s a master planned farm community that preserves 70% of the land and develops only 30%. So people live in big houses on small lots, but have access to 700 acres of preserved woods, farms, lakes and fields and 12 miles of trails.

And the silence here. I wish I could describe the silence; it’s heavy. That’s the best way I can think to describe it- I’m afraid to breath because I’ll disturb the silence. But when I stop and listen, there’s actually a symphony going on all around me. Woodpeckers, owls, hawks and the far-off calls of cows and donkeys.  It’s amazing! And I love being surrounded by it.

So we’re renting here to see if we like it.  We’ve started looking at houses, so I’ll fill you in if we make any final decisions. But for now, I’m going outside to stare at the stars.  We used to be old friends, and now they like to remind me that they’re still there.





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