Say Hello to My Little Indulgence

14 Mar

I have a friend who once told me that every pregnant mom has to have a little indulgence when it comes to becoming a mom.  Not a spa, or a candy bar, but something you buy for baby that is really all about you. For her, it was her $800 stroller set. For another girl, it was the matching crib bumper set even though baby wouldn’t get to use it until she was older. For me, it’s Horton.  Meet my little friend:

Horton, the elephant lamp

Yup- I spent $100 on a plastic lamp folded to look like an elephant- and I LOVE it! Heck- I even named it Horton. I know, credit to Dr. Seuss, but Horton is also the name of my OB/GYN.

The little lamp makes me smile- and I put him on the dresser-top with the rest of the animal menagerie. He’s very bright, so it’s hard for me to take a good picture of him on my camera.  But you can go to Land of Nod to see a professional shot of him.

Oh- he’s so cute! I think he’ll make a great addition to Baby G’s nursery.  Psst- he has a cousin in the shape of a giraffe that would look great on the night stand.  Just sayin…


Horton all a-glow


Horton and the gang




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