Shed Progress

2 Jan

New Shed!

Wahoo! So this is only a project that took me a whole year. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself. Say hello to my little friend- Mr. Lean-to.

I still have a bit of paintingto do, but this is pretty much complete. So you may remember that I started digging the foundation for this guy in the early spring. The pavers went down in the summer, and we built the shed over two weekends this fall. So this is a great project to review at the end of 2011, since it took us all of 2011 to build it!

There are two sheds, actually. One cost us $600 and took us a year to build, one cost us $300 dollars and went up in 2 hours. You can guess which is which. Here are some finished shots:

Looking from the back yard

Looking from the side yard

Fancy Shed with peg-board wall

Tool Shed

As far as security goes, it’s pretty tight. The sheds back up to our headboard, so we can hear everything. Plus, we have some serious padlocks. You have to unlock one shed to get the key for the other shed- so it’s not easy.

There is definitely opportunity for me to improve use of space in the tool shed if I need to in the future, but this is all the tools we have (except the table saw, which won’t fit into either shed.)

So now I have all this cabinet space in the laundry room! Yikes!

All I have to do is organize this. Yikes!

I plan on moving my crafting supplies into a few cabinetsand maybe some of Tim’s electronics if he likes. And that still leaves enough room for seasonal kid toys and games for the Little Pebble in the near future. It’s amazing how much space we have in this little house when I actually use it efficiently!


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