Cute as a Button

12 Sep

The holiday season is upon us (for us hand-knitters, at least). So although I have several projects in the works, I can’t share them until after the holiday gift season. *Gasp* So I’ll try to keep some non-gift projects going so I have something to talk about on the blog.

Here’s another project that needed some accessories to jazz it up. Believe it or not, this is the Fiddlehead Pullover and is supposed to be a sleep sack for new borns. Yikes! My gauge was WAY OFF!

Bland Fiddlehead


I ran out of yarn before I could do the sleeves, so it looks more like a tank top for a toddler. But the neck opening is small, so this little sweater may never see any baby action.  We’ll see.

But either way- it’s just too bland.  I mean, I love the texture of the fiddlehead design, but it gets a bit lost in this yarn. So I pulled out those trusty felt buttons from the previous project and sewed them over the snaps on the shoulders. A little mixy-matchy of the colors and thread, and voila! Now this kiddo has some pizzaz!

Jazz Hands

Cute as a button! Here’s some more shots:

Close Up

The finished product



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