Kickstarter Brainstorm

8 Sep

I was planning on posting about two little sweaters I finished recently, but I’m not pleased with how they turned out- they’re not photogenic at all. So I’m brainstorming on how to jazz them up so they don’t look so, so, I don’t know- bland! I’m going to go to some shops today to see if I can find any cute buttons or patches or something.  But I did want to use this post to do some brainstorming.

On one of my many craft blogs (Petite Purls), the author mentioned two crafter-extraordinairs (Larissa Brown and Stevanie )who are teaming up together to self-publish an e-book on dyeing yarn with farmer’s market fares and knitting patterns inspired from the shapes and textures of the bountiful produce. That’s just up my alley! I’m so excited for them.

photo courtesy Farmer's Market Dyes & Designs Kickstarter

They are using a web-based fund-raiser called Kickstarter. This platform allows creative spirits to hawk their wares to people willing to pledge micro-venture capital if enough people support them. So in this case, they have decided they need to raise $4,895 by September 27 to start this project. I’ve pledged $35- so I’m charged only if they reach they’re target goal on time. Otherwise, no skin off my back, so to speak.

I think Kickstarter is a great micro-venture capital idea. The brains behind the Farmer’s Market Dye & Design project are promising different rates of return depending on the initial investment. For example, I will get a copy of the e-book and access to additional content on the project blog (like a member’s only club). If I pledged $75 or more, I would get some yarn dyed using the techniques they talk about in the book. If I pledged $1,000 or more, they would design and knit a sweater just for me. You get the idea. The difference between this and other venture capitalists is there is no promise of future royalties- but I’m cool wid’dat, yo.

I find myself very inspired by Farmer’s Markets lately. I love our cute little Grant Park Market at the Milledge Fountain, and I’ve loved our trip to the amazing Montreal Marche Jean-Talon. I wish our little market had a bit more everyday items like spices, or more reasonably priced produce like they had at the Marche. $6 for a half pint of blueberries is out of my reach; as is the $6 head of lettuce. I’m all for supporting local businesses, but I have to eat on a budget. I’m able to pick up a few items each week, and every once in a while we’re able to splurge on meat.

But the one thing that is always free at the market is inspiration. That’s what I love about it, I just walk down the aisle thinking: “ooh- that smoked meat would be perfect for Tim’s breakfast,” or “wouldn’t it be nice if there were local artists selling their crafts,” or “those bunches of carrots are amazing- love that color and shape!” So I can easily see how a trip to the Farmer’s Market turned into a year-long project for these two entrepreneurial spirits. Good for them!

This reminds me of fishscale lace in a salmon color in a yarn with some silk or bamboo content for shine.

I see a soft cotton sweater with bobbles, don't you?

So if they meet their goal, I’ll be following their progress over the next year on their blog. I hope to learn how to use natural dyes, they are the prettiest!

And while I’m learning, I’m sure I’ll be daydreaming of my own Kickstarter project. I do love to daydream…


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