Dear Murphy

6 Sep

Dear Murphy:
I’m sorry that our postcard won’t make it home before us, but I wanted to add an update to our trip. Since you are the foodie in our household, I thought you would like to hear about our special meals.

T he first night in Montreal, we ate a typical meal at Holder. I had mussels in a lint cream sauce with a hint of tarragon. Delicious. Your dad enjoyed a glass of wine with his mahi mahi. We had been traveling all day, so it was a nice relaxing meal.

The next night we ate the best Indian food I’ve ever had- chicken Korma with pistachio and orange zest. I finished off with a scoop of mango pistachio ice cream. Your dad enjoyed his vindaloo too much and went to bed early with a full belly.

Our last night in Montreal was incredible- we ate a late dinner at the Boris Bistro, which is a lovely open courtyard tucked behind the ancient facade of a building. Rustling tree leaves and romantic twinkling lights set the mood for a lovely meal. I had the most fantastic duck risotto with orange cream sauce, and your dad had the citrus sea bass. What a great way to end our Montreal portion of the vacation.

Unfortunately, we were not as lucky in Quebec City. But we did happen upon a lovely bistro on our second day after shopping through the farmers market. It was a bit rainy, so I enjoyed a grilled cheese sandwich with caramelized onions and apple slices. On the side was a delicious salad with the most amazing tomatoes and slices of Parmesan cheese. Tim had steak frite and said it was incredible. We staid for a couple of glasses of wine and some after lunch cafes. Such a good life.

Well, I hope I haven’t tormented you too much with our menu- I know you would have been by my side asking for samples if you had come with us. We’ll see you soon!

Mom and Dad


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