Time to Catch Up

5 Sep

Well, hello there! It’s been a few days since I’ve updated you on our Great Canadian Escape, so I’ll take advantage of the rainy morning and tell you what’s been going on.

The train trip from Montreal was great- the seats were comfortable and roomy, there wasn’t any pesky pat-down, and the crew was very pleasant (downright cheerful compared to airplane crews!)
The scenery was interesting, but not as nice as I hoped. The train follows the river, but I rarely saw the river. Mostly farmland and small towns.



The Quebec Train Station is quaint and homey. Some great architectural details that get overlooked in todays newly built public buildings:


But boy, is this city hilly. Our trek up from the station to the hotel was brutal, and I was still grumpy from my nap on the train. Saint Tim suffered through it, though, and got us checked in to the hotel. We spent a good chunk of change on the Montreal boutique hotel, so we decided to cash in some Hilton points to stay for free in Quebec. I have to confess, I’ve been spoiled with the little hotel in Montreal- this seems so corporate and bland in comparison. *sigh*

Quebec is a cute city- almost too cute. It feels so polished and perfect, almost Disney-ish. And the tour busses- holy cow! There must be dozens of busses unloading picture-snapping tourists, along with the throngs released from the cruise ships, it gets a bit overwhelming. We’ve spent the last few days exploring the old winding streets; I even snapped a few pictures myself:




Today’s weather is rainy and foggy- so we’re going to relax inside and watch the streets from the top floor club room of the hotel ( through the fog, of course). I might actually get some knitting done today! Well, that’s it for now. Au revoir!


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