Paris of Canada, Day 2

3 Sep

This is Tim (aka “Hubby”), and I’ve stolen Robin’s blog to update our adventures.

Yesterday, we explored Montreal’s Jean-Talon market. Our visit, and indeed our entire itinerary for Friday, we inspired by a blog posting at Chris Elliott’s travel blog (

We hopped the Montreal Metro (it’s BRT — don’t be fooled!), and a short walk later found us at the entrance to a farmers’ market, the likes of which neither of us recall seeing in the US.



There was no question about what was in season; tomatoes, eggplant, and peppers of every shade lined the stalls.








We loaded up ridiculously cheap fruit, bread, and cheese, rented a couple Bixi bikes (love them!), and took off for Mount Royal Park. The bike pathways here make it so quick to get around the city. I’m curious to see how Monties cope with snow and ice in the winter, but I don’t think I will venture here in February to see for myself.

We had some nice downhill straights on the bike ride, and I threw caution to the wind, racing past a “Your Speed” sign on the side of one of the hills. My registered speed of 37 was less impressive once I remembered that Canadians, like the rest of the world, use the metric system and measure speed in kilometers per hour.

After the picnic, we weren’t looking for an immediate dinner, so we wandered up McGill and through Chinatown, before having a glass of wine at a pop-up summer bar. Our 9PM reservations at Boris Bistro may have set a record for Robin’s latest dinner, but the weather has been fantastic for the past week, and we’ve wanted to spend as much time as possible outside.

Today, we head for the train and a 3h trip to Quebec City. We have a few pages from Frommer’s to guide us there as we set out on the second half of our Provence Quebec adventure.


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