Hubby Loves Me

29 Aug

(sung to the good ol’ Vacation Bible School song, Jesus Loves Me.)

Hubby Loves Me

This I know

For he puts my meds just so

Little baggies for each day

Helps to melt the stress away

Yes, Hubby loves me

Yes, Hubby loves me

Yes, Hubby loves me

His actions tell me so.

My loving husband organized the cacophony of IVF medications into little bags labeled for each day. For example, here’s tomorrow’s baggie:

Daily Meds Baggie

Each baggie is labeled with the date and what medicines I’m supposed to take. Depending on the meds, each bag also has a needle, an alcohol swab and a band aid.

Then he put each daily bag into a weekly bag and labeled the outside with the medication dosages. So incredible! I can’t explain how thoughtful this is- now I don’t have to worry about anything, I just pull out my daily baggie and get to work!

Weekly Meds Bag

What an amazing man.  I’m a lucky gal…


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