Brick House

28 Aug

Hello there, little monsters! I know I’ve been incommunicado, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy knitting away. I still have to find snaps to finish two of my projects, so I’ll post those when they’re done. But I have finished another pair of socks! Ta Da!

Brick House Socks

I used the Unisono yarn I bought on my Macon Mecca to the cutest yarn store ever- Creative Yarns. I love the combination of colors, very earthy and colorful. I’m a bit disappointed that the cuff part doesn’t show more of the reds and turquoise, though. I’m not good enough to plan the color arrangement of the whole sock, yet. I’m pretty proud  of getting the toes the same color, though!

I started out using the Twisted Baskets pattern from my book, but didn’t like knitting it. It’s too tedious doing a whole matrix of cables on socks, so I switched to a stacked brick pattern. It ends up looking like a basket anyway, don’t you think?

Hopefully these will fit dad’s feet; I would like to give these to him in replacement of the Cloudy Skies socks I started for him but never finished. Oh- speaking of never finished- I ripped out the Orchid Thief Shawlette and reclaimed that yarn for another project. Yes, I’m a bit disappointed, but now I have yarn to try another lace pattern. The next one will be easier, I promise!

Thanks for stopping by- and have a terrific weekend!


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