IVF Update

16 Aug

Just a quick IVF update- I hade the sonohystogram and trial transfer this morning. Not the most pleasant experience to be sure, and it sucks to have to do these things on my own. T is traveling for work, so I went at it solo. (Mom was kind enough to chauffeur me- thanks Mom!) It’s probably a good thing he wasn’t there since I’m cursing him in my head all the while they’re trying to find the right speculum. Poor guy- always taking the brunt of my abuse- especially when my legs are in stirrups!

So this procedure is uncomfortable and I’m glad I took the Ibuprofen before I went as the nurse suggested. Here’s the details- skip if you don’t like to think about female anatomy (wuss!) They stick a catheter into the uterus, then thread a small ballon into the cavity and inflate it with liquid. Then in goes the internal ultrasound (you know what toy this looks like, ladies) while another doctor is pushing down on your stomach with an external ultrasound. Ugh! But I got the good news right away- no polyps, fibroids, cysts or scaring that will effect the transfer of the fertilized eggs when the time comes. Yay! I only have to have this done once more right before the actual procedure, so that’s good news, too.

After I got home, I took a short nap to cope with the cramping. T texted asking how I was doing and how it all felt. It’s hard to describe the physical sensations to a man- pain is not the exact word. When I think of pain, I think of something sharp and something that I can locate very clearly on my body. But this is internal- and cramping is just an understatement, if you ask my opinion. I went to online sights for descriptions of this procedure and they all describe the feeling as cramping. Look here- cramping is the right word to use to describe the sensation during your monthly cycle, to be sure. But it’s not the correct word for this. It is the same physical feeling, only it’s doubled or tripled into a short time period. And there’s also the bruised, stretched out feeling only an extended muscle can feel- like you’ve been punched in the stomach about an hour ago. So no, I would not describe this feeling as pain, but I can’t use the word cramping, either. It’s sort of like a hippopotamus bitch-slapped you in the gut about an hour ago and now you’re trying to dope up on drugs to deal with the pain. Yeah- that’s it! So the next time someone asks, I’ll just tell them that it feels like a hippopotamus bitch-slap. Phew- thank goodness for the English language. 🙂

Now starts the Lupron shots to stimulate the egg growth over the next few weeks. The doc describes this feeling like walking around with two huge water ballons in your gut. I’ll be sure to elaborate on this when I get there. But I’m pretty sure I should have a herald who warns everyone when I come into a room, “Cranky-woman Walking!”



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