Plying the Arts Recap

9 Aug

Hello again! I’m so excited to share my experience at Plying the Arts this weekend- what a fantastic series of workshops! It was organized by Peachtree Handspinners Guild, but it provided classes in almost all of the fiber arts- felting, knitting, spinning, dyeing, quilting, and on and on. It was a three-day weekend of classes and events held in Athens at the Lyndon House Arts Center, which is an absolutely spectacular space. I just went up for one all-day class on Saturday, but most people came and stayed all weekend.

I decided to take the Introduction to Lace Knitting- a wonderful class taught by Judy Dyer. It was a small class of 5, so we got personalized instruction depending on our abilities. It was perfect. I learned how to read lace charts, how to knit the lace stitches, and how to combine the stitches to make the different lace patterns.

Stacked 3-Leaf Lace

I also learned a wonderful trick- the life line. Not just for game shows anymore, this neat trick will save time and sanity while knitting lace. The idea is to weave a separate string of yarn along your needle wherever you want. It stays in place as you continue knitting. Then if things get really ugly, which is bound to happen in Lace Knitting, you can rip the work back to the life line and it will neatly catch all the stitches, making it easy to put back on the needle and begin from there. Wish I knew about this when I started Orchid Thief!

Lifeline in Green along the Needle


It’s kind of hard to see in this picture, I had the flash too low really. Anyway, this is the Old Shale lace pattern we began with:

Old Shale Pattern


And of course- they had a market at the event. We had a two-hour lunch break, so there was plenty of time to shop. Plenty of time.  So I shopped- don’t judge!

Natural Fiber and New Drop Spindle

This beautiful BFL fiber is from Gale’s Art– it’s natural, undyed, and heavenly! It’s so soft it’s hard to believe it’s wool. The new drop spindle is called a Trendle hand-made by a fellow in Georgia. It is light and perfectly balanced; I don’t know how I’m going to go back to the old chunky wood spindle, now.

And I fell in love with this hank of wool and bamboo in a deep smokey purple color. I have someone in mind who looks very good in this color- I’m thinking Christmas Gift!

River Edge Fiber Arts in Cherry Mash Colorway

Well- that’s all the news fit to print (not really- but I am so tired of hearing about the made-up debt crisis and the Tea Party credit score downgrade, I could scream.  Isn’t yarn so much more pleasant?)

Thanks for stopping by- and I hope to see you soon!




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