New Goodies

2 Aug

Much to the chagrin of me and my hubby, my yarn stash has just increased in size. Again. I feel like an addict, are there support groups for yarn hoarders? And don’t tell me knit groups- they’re just a bunch of enablers.

Here’s the story- it’s Friday and I’ve got an afternoon to kill. How about a mini road trip? Hmmmm….. where can I go that would be interesting? And like any sane person, I say, “I know- a yarn store!” OK- maybe sane isn’t the right choice of words. . .

So I drove down to Creative Yarns in Macon, GA. It wasn’t too bad of a trip down there, but the trip back was a nightmare. Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, buying new yarn. Because who can travel an hour and a half to a yarn store and not buy yarn? I was relatively good, considering my level of addiction: 1 skein each of Malabrigo sock, Be Sweet Bambino, Unisono sock and Royal Llama Silk.

The yarn store owner was there- and she was a hoot! She has this really cute sticker (that I bought, of course) that has a cute little drunk lamb surrounded by balls of yarn, with the texts: Knit-faced. Love it! And the store is exactly how I envisioned a yarn store to be- an old house stocked full of different yarns slightly organized by type per room. If I ever own a yarn store, this is exactly how I want it to be- and I’d add a few comfortable sitting areas- so inviting!

Then after the nightmare drive home (hello- high speed rail anyone?), I had an amazing surprise waiting for me! The Tom Bihn Swift Knitting Bag! I can’t believe it- my father-in-law sent me this incredible bag just because. Don’t you love it!?

The Swift- in Kiwi

I haven’t filled it up yet, but that will change. It has clear pockets on both sides to see what you’ve put in them:

clear pockets

It came with one stuff sac with a clear bottom so I can see what’s in it without opening it.  )In picture below in matching grey fabric). It attaches to a toggle in the bag, and there are more toggles for future stuff sacs.

It’s tall enough to put in my biggest knitting book, and it stands up on its own, even when its not completely full:

Stand Up guy

They put so much thought into the littlest details- even the latch is knitter-friendly. It has three close positions, depending on how full your bag is, and there are no velcro or zippers for yarn to get caught on.  Cool!

Yarn-safe Latch

I’m still overwhelmed by this gift, I don’t feel worthy of such a treat.  Thank you Daddy Pebbles!

Finally, one last goody to report. I ordered knitting labels from Mountain Street Arts on Etsy. One set of care instructions and one set with my name. Wahoo!

Care Instructions


Thanks for stopping by today- I hope you have a “wahoo!” day!

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One Response to “New Goodies”

  1. northernnarratives August 4, 2011 at 3:48 pm #

    Hi. That is a very nice kniting bag. I’ll have to look for one of those. And I can’t walk into a yarn store without buying something! Happy kniting, Judy

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