Blocking and Rolling

29 Jul


Floor Mats from Ross'

Success! I took the advise of Carrie at Sheepish and scoured the metro Ross’ to find modular floor mats to repurpose as blocking mats. This is my first attempt at blocking; let me know if you think it’s all worth it. I decided to block both the Marching Elephants sweater and the Maile sweater.

First: soak the little guy for 15 minutes in a high quality, no rinse washing solution. I chose Eucalan from Sheepish because it’s cheaper than Soak. Plus it had a lavender scent, and I love lavender.

Then pin-er-up! Stacy at Sheepish suggested a pin about every inch or so. And you can see from the picture that I didn’t stretch the fabric to any great extent. Here’s the elephants all pinned up.

The next step is to wait.

A while.

A long while.

This is so boring! Maybe I can get a little help from mother nature. See the temperature in the thermostat on the bottom right corner?

Maybe I can use that heat to my advantage?

Hey mamma- can I get a little help here?!

 Truth be told, even setting it out in the sun didn’t really help. (Don’t tell mamma).

So after drying over night, here are the results of the two sweaters:

 So what do You  think- was it worth all the effort? Let’s do a little side-by side comparison.

Marching Elephants Before

Marching Elephants After






Seems to be a little less nubby and a little more relaxed.  What do you think?  Heres the Maile comparison.

Maile Before

Maile After






The hanger does affect the appearance of the shoulders, but I think it’s much better. I especially like how the lace details became more defined.



Well- not too bad for my first attempt at blocking. So far, I think it has the biggest effect on lace patterns, but still gives a plain stockinette pattern some clarity.

Thanks for stopping by- have a great weekend!











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