WIP Wednesday- On the Needles

27 Jul

I don’t have too much to show on today’s WIP, just two projects. The oldest project on the needles is the Lowell Cowl I started in June. It’s showed up before on the WIP list, but now I’ve graduated to the final color combination. Here’s so photos, but the blue looks way darker than it actually is.

Final stripe in the cowl

WIP July 27, 2011 Lowell Cowl

I got the Sunnyside Cardigan back to the place where it was when I decided to pull the ‘do-over’ card. I’m very pleased with how it’s coming along, and how the zig-zag lace looks now that I’m knitting it correctly.

Sunnyside Cardigan

It’s interesting to me how much different this yarn feels from the previous yarn I used in Maile. Both are Shalimar Breathless, which has a combination of wool, cashmere and silk. But this colorway, Glacier, feels almost crunchy compared to the Columbine colorway- and it doesn’t have the same silky sheen that showed up in the Maile sweater. I think it probably has something to do with the chemical makeup of the dyes, and I would be really interested in learning how these chemicals work on different fibers.

The only way for me to learn more is to be exposed to people who know more, so I’ve decided that  I’m going to go to more classes and festivals. I’ve already joined Peachtree Handspinners Guild, and now I’ve just joined the Atlanta Knitting Guild. The AKG offers mini-workshops and guest speakers throughout the year, and has a program for each meeting so it’s not just a meet-and-greet. I’ve already signed up for the Intro to Entrelac mini-workshop in August and the Gwen Bortner weekend series in October for intermediate and advanced knitting techniques. These classes, along with the Plying the Arts class I’m taking next Saturday in Athens will be sure to help bump my knitting to the next level.

Entrelac sample via Spinser.blogs.com

As for fiber, I had planned on going to an open house at Lasso the Moon Farm in September, but it falls on the day of my IVF transfer- so no go. And the Georgia National Fair, where they show off all kinds of livestock and products, will be taking place the same weekend as the Gwen Bortner series, so I probably won’t make it down to Perry Georgia for that.


Ideally, I’d like to go to the Southeastern Animal Fiber Festival near Asheville, NC in late October. The leaves will be changing, and it would be great to get away from the heat and head up into the mountains right before the high holiday season begins. It would be a beautiful drive, too. I’ll keep working on the Hubby, maybe he’ll feel up for another weekend getaway by then. But one festival that I can go to without much traveling is the Georgia Alpaca Association’s Royal Alpaca Challenge  in November! It’s so funny to me to be talking about State Fairs and Livestock shows- I feel like a kid again!

Do you have any shows, festivals or fairs that you really like going to? Let me know which are your favorite- I bet we all have one or two that remind us of being a kid and bring joy into our lives. Thanks for stopping by- have a fun Wednesday!

Alpaca Kisses! courtesy http://www.alpacabusinesssecrets.com




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