WIP Wednes….Er…..Thursday?

7 Jul

Jimmie says, "Mom- didn't you forget something?"


Me, forget something? Never! Oh- wait, it’s Thursday, isn’t it?  How could I forget WIP Wednesdays!?

Truth is- I spent all day yesterday caulking, priming and painting the guest room. Even after some help from Mom, I was exhausted! I thought I would save myself some bucks by taking on this job myself (the lowest quote was for $800), but man- I’m starting to think it would be worth it to hire a professional. Come 10 PM, I stopped working and I remembered that it was Wednesday- eek! I forgot my favorite part of the week!

So I hoped up this morning and took pictures of my new project that has totally consumed me- the Lowell Cowl. Yup, I’ve put everything on hold including the epic battle with the evil Orchid Thief. I wanted to start a simple project for myself, and I’m so happy I did.  This yarn is heavenly!

Lowell Cowl in Misti Alpaca and Cascade Alpaca Lace

I wish I were more adept with the camera- here’s a shot below capturing a more accurate rendering of the color. The Misti Alpaca Handpainted Lace (in rust color) is amazing. The subtle color changes from deep magenta to rust to ochre and loden green.  There’s even spots of slate blue and sunflower yellow.  Delish!

Lowell Cowl- color more accurate

I never would have picked these two colors together (Cascade in blue, Misti in red) but I’m SO glad I tried this out.  I wanted to de-stash a bit and use what I had instead of buying new yarn- and these colors rock together! The blue against the rust makes the yarn look like a precious stone, like Jasper. I feel like this will be a great accessory in the fall when I’m going for the Native-American slash Western Frontier look.

Close-up of color combination

This baby had taken over the knitting needles- so no progress on the other projects. So- what have you been working on this week.  Any home-improvement projects? How about exercise goals- any progress there? Or crafting stuff- knitting, quilting, etc? Drop me a note and share your progress- it feels great!

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One Response to “WIP Wednes….Er…..Thursday?”

  1. Square One Notes July 7, 2011 at 3:50 pm #

    Love the colors! Nice job! I just bought Rebecca Danger’s book of knitted monsters…can’t wait to cast on!

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