Needle Burrito!

30 Jun

I mentioned a few posts ago that I got a new set of bamboo dpns- size 0 to size 10, 5″ length and 5 needles of each size. I got them for a steal on Amazon, so I don’t expect them to last me a lifetime.

When they arrived, I realized I had a bit of a problem though: all the needles look the same!  Sure they’re labeled, but my little OCD brain blew a circuit. So I went shopping for a double-point needle bag to organize my 55 newest friends.

Yipes Stripes!  These bags are expensive! (At least for my little craft budget). The Della Q bag is beautiful– silk/tafeta with enough pockets for a full set of DPNs and Circular needles. And (be still my beating heart) each pocket is labeled. *Swoon*.  But at $90, that is way  outta my league.

If Q were to design a needle bag for James Bond- this is it

So I decided to make my own! I grabbed an old button-up blouse from the donation pile and within 2 hours I had a Needle Burrito! Here’s how I did it:

First- the design. I knew I wanted to store all my DPNs, which would require a double layer of pockets- and those pockets can’t be too big so that the needles disappear into them. Oh- and I wanted the button-up front of the shirt to work as the latch.  At the beginning, I had the idea to use the colar as an internal needle flap- but that got left behind as the project got more complicated.

Second- disassemble the shirt! Fun times ripping apart seems! Then square up the pieces so they’re usable.


Third- sew together the back panel (aka main body.) I buttoned it up to make sure they would work when I was done:

Main body of needle roll sealed up

Fourth- clean up those edges! At this point, I realized that the shirt fabric is a little flimsy for this project- so I pulled out some lightweight interfacing and ironed it onto the main body. I would have liked to have this hidden behind some matching fabric, but I didn’t have enough. C’est La Vie!

Fifth- sew up the center panel and pin into the bottom of the main body like so:

Next comes the tricky part- making the needle pockets. I had originally measured them all out, but I’m glad I went with a more practical approach- forget measuring and use the real needles! I’m glad I did this because I never would have thought to leave enough fabric in each pocket so that the needles could actually fit in them. See what I mean?:

Good thing I used the needles to mark the pockets!

I started sewing from the center and worked my way out. This resulted in the bottom flap to evenly scrunch up instead of scrunching all on one side.

Lastly- Fil’er Up!

When I get the gumption, I’ll make little labels for the pockets so I know which needles are which. And I’ll tidy up the tie-up, too.

But for now: Voila!  A needle burrito!

Needle Burrito!


One Response to “Needle Burrito!”

  1. Cheryl K. July 5, 2011 at 2:38 pm #

    What a great project – thanks for the tip on using the needles to size the little pockets. I have it in mind to make one of these myself as soon as I get a couple of other sewing projects finished up and cleared out.

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