WIP Wednesday

15 Jun

WIP June 14 2011

Sorry for the dry spell- I’ve been catching up on housework, etc. after slacking off last week. But Monday I got right back to it and started knitting again.

This time, I made a trip up to the Lovin’Knit store in Marietta. It takes about 30 minutes to get up there, but a good hour just to see everything in the store! This was almost the perfect store; they had an amazing selection of yarns and colors and patterns. Even Shalimar Breathless! (Gratuitous photo below)

Shalimar Breathless- Columbine and Glacier

Needless to say, I came home with about $60 worth of delicious goodies. I picked up the HiyaHiya Puppy snips for traveling, a circular lace needle, some markers, the book 60 Quick Baby Knits and materials for the Smocked Dress (shown below, courtesy Cascade).

Smocking Dress from 60 Quick Baby Knits

I decided I would not use the Cascade Superwash for two reasons:

  1. It’s wool. Wool in the deep south is rarely needed, but especially not necessary for a spring jumper!
  2. It was more expensive than I want to spend on a baby dress. At $15 a skein, this would be a $45 dress. I don’t spend that on me- and I don’t outgrow my clothes like kids do.

So I picked up Berrocco Comfort in a solid rosy pink. I’m knitting the 12 months size because by the time Liza is a year old- it will be spring again. I’m thinking this will be a Christmas present to Liza’s mom. Man- I love knitting little kid clothes- they knit up so fast and they are SO CUTE!

I started the dress on Tuesday, so here’s its status as of this morning:

WIP June 14 2011 Smocked Dress

On another set of needles, I’m slowly working on the Orchid Thief Shawlette by Ysolda. I’m using the Columbine Breathless, so it’s knitting up to look a bit like denim. But man, this pattern has given me fits!

Orchid Thief Shawlette in Breathless Columbine

This is actually my second try. The first time I went through the pattern, I got stuck on the transition between chart 1 and 2. I couldn’t figure it out for the life of me, so I ripped the whole thing down and started again. This time- I learned a lesson and looked online for an errata. Bingo! (What can I say- us newbie knitters learn the hard way).

Reassured that I could get this shawl done, I restarted. But when I got to the transition and used the new chart from the errata- I noticed that it was the EXACT SAME CHART. Argggg! But I decided I could figure out the math and fix it myself- and I did! It took me several hours and lots of internet searching, but I’ve gotten through chart 2 and chart 3. Yay! Now I have to repeat Chart 3 a few times and finish off with Chart 4. I think it will be at least another week on this guy- so you can track the progress next WIP Wednesday. (Lucky you!)

Orchid Thief Shawlette Closeup

But wait! There’s more! Yup- I’m also progressing on the Nursery. I refuse to give up nesting, so I’ve made some baby steps towards getting the Nursery up and running. We had to replace the original window and part of the sill due to wood rot, but to save money, I’m painting it myself. Since we’re (mostly) reusing the original trim, but painting it, I have to fill in some spots where curtain rods were hung and nail holes were drilled. Turns out- the whole thing is one big hole!  Check out this pock-marked puppy!

Just a few holes to fill in

Can you believe it!?  All those spots are where nails have made holes over the last 100 years. (The bottom is some wood rot I scraped out and filled in with the wood putty). Here’s the top half of the window:

Not a great picture. But the whole reason I even decided to get the wood filler was to fill in the new knot that was front and center on the new window sill:

Not a quality carpentry job

I was going to just sand the trim down and paint, but when this knot took center stage, I decided to go the extra step and fill in the holes. Boy am I glad I did- I had no idea there were so many holes. I believe now the window is structurally sound. 🙂

Well- that’s about it on my end. How are you getting along? Any little projects in the works? I’d love to hear about what you’re up to- so leave a comment or a link to your blog. Thanks- and have a great Wednesday!



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