Full Steam Ahead!

11 Jun

EEROP Youth Hat

It is hot and steamy our today- phew, this is one intense heat wave. So of course, I decided to knit a heavy wool cap. This is the yarn I dyed at the Kentucky Festival workshop, you may remember. (The sun is beating down this afternoon- so the colors are really skewed to the orange/yellow spectrum). Here’s another shot:

The flowers in the background are from a beautiful bouquet sent to me last week by my husband’s parents. They still look and smell incredible. Thank you Foxgloves & Ivy!

This cap is destined for the head of a young man or woman through the Eastern European Russian Orphanage Project. I followed the Navy Sailor Watchcap pattern on Ravelry and finished this little guy up in an afternoon. Now that’s rewarding.

You know what else is rewarding? Sinking your fingers into a soft squishy skein of Breathless. I LOVE this yarn- the touch is dreamy, the twist is just right, and the colors are to die for! Really- look at these babies:

Shalimar Breathless Yarn in Columbine and Glacier

I’ve already started on the Orchid Thief Shawlette from Brave New Knits by Ysolda Teague. Wow- this is a beautiful pattern- perfect for a beautiful yarn! I’ll post a WIP on the shawlette this Wednesday.

Well- I’m off to movie night with the Handsom Hubby. Thanks for stopping by!


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