2 Jun

Well hello there! I’m feeling awfully chipper today because progress is being made. First off, progress in the garden:

Even though I don’t have much say in how my plants grow, they are growing nonetheless. The tomato and the yellow pepper have flowers- a good sign of what’s to come.

Yellow Bell Pepper Flower


Cherokee Purple Tomato Flower

And the flowers I planted along the back wall have really filled out:

Impatiens Along the Back Wall

I’ve also made progress on my second-sock syndrom. No, I haven’t started the second Rainbow sock, but I have started and finished the Helix sock!  Yay!

Helix Socks from Brave New Knits

Whoa- that picture makes me dizzy. But I wanted to show both of these puppies! Here’s a shot of just the second sock:

That’s a little bit easier to look at, I think.

So- progress is being made. I think it’s time to start a new project….hmmm…


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