WIP Wednesday

1 Jun

It’s official- I have second sock syndrom.

A mis-matched pair

I’ve finished the first Helix sock, and then I started a second pair of socks using the Miss Babs Rainbow Yummy Sock yarn. I’m following the instructions in Lucy Neatby’s Cools Socks Warm Feet. I’m using size 0 needles- and I’ve learned a lot from this sock.

  • First important lesson for me: the way the hank of multi-colored yarn looks wound up is NOT how it will look knitted up. The color repeat length has a huge impact on the appearance of the final product.When knitted up into a sock, the pattern looks more like stripes of mixed colors rather than a progression of stripes in the rainbow. For my sock, the purple and pink lined up and the green/yellow/blue lined up. Overall, I’m not thrilled with the result- but it was a really important lesson for me. I did like how the heel turned out- much bolder rainbow because the colors were able to line up with each other.

  • The second lesson: yes, small needles make a tight and strong fabric, but the softness of the yarn gets lost. The Rainbow sock is a strong little sock, but it’s also a pretty scratchy sock. This has nothing to do with the yarn- it’s a direct result of using needles a size or two too small.
  • Third lesson: you CAN alter a pattern to fit your foot. I decreased the number of stitches when I got to the arch of my foot, which gave me a snug little sock that fits like a store-bought sock. Kinda cool!
  • Final lesson: kitchener stitch is not hard. Lucy Neatby explains an awesome way to graft the end of the toe together without too much hassel: the toe chimney! I might do a how-to post some day with pictures, but for now you’ll have to use your imagination.

It will be a while before I gather enough gumption (guilt?) to start the second Rainbow sock. But I did start the second Helix sock- I’m working the gusset right now. I really like how the heel patch pattern turned out:

Other WIP include the baby jacquard skirt and a new buddy from the Knit and Purl Pets book I received for my birthday. Yay- a new friend will soon be joining the gang!

Thanks for stopping by this Wednesday. So, what are you working on?



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