Welcome Back

31 May

I hope you had a wonderful long weekend and got outside to enjoy the beautiful and hot weather. The hubby and I just lounged around all weekend- it was lovely.

I made the Cabernet Sauvignon Jelly on Saturday and it turned out fantastic! It jelled up like it’s supposed to, and it has a lovely deep grape flavor without being too sweet. It’s a keeper!

And we went to the Grant Park Farmer’s Market, of course. Brought home fennel, snow peas (I think), radishes, fresh pasta, and zephyr squash. A little lighter load than normal, but Big T is traveling, so it’s mostly for me! T took a couple of pictures- and yes, that red thing is actually a radish.

We went up to the Chattahoochee National Park on Monday for a nice walk with the pups and the parents. Unfortunately, it was very busy- and we had a serious incident with Ira. Look at this face:


Don’t be fooled like me- he’s not that sweet. A group of women were running by and one got too close for Ira’s comfort. He jumped up as she passed by him and bit her! I never imagined that he would ever harm a person. I know he has leash aggression issues with other dogs- but never people. It was all too much for him- but I’m very distressed that his reaction was to bite.

The lady was mostly bruised- there was no puncture or anything like that. He didn’t actually bite down- he just opened his mouth and hit her as she ran by. But she was already showing abrasive bruises. She didn’t freak out or demand our contact information (like I would have), but I was horrified. T took Ira home while the rest of us finished the trail. Needless to say, all we talked about was this incident.

So where do we go from here? I tell ya, my inclination is to send him back to the breeder. But T is in love with this dog- and Ira is incredibly loving to us. He’s just too protective. So T wants to give Ira a chance and increase our training time with him everyday. Of course, T is traveling all week- so that means I have to increase the training. Yay.

I’ve decided to put the onus of getting Ira socialized on T- if he wants to keep this dog, he’s going to have to work for it. I would be fine with sending Ira back to the breeder or a poodle rescue- or even the estate in Brazil where T’s dad lives. I don’t want to be house bound with my dog because he can’t be trusted in public. And I especially want to be able to trust Ira around a little baby if we should ever bring one into the house.

We have stopped giving him affection when he demands it, and he’s spending more time every day in the crate. He needs to learn that he is not in charge, and that we can take care of protecting ourselves. I don’t know what else to do, but I’ll let you know as things progress.

Well- thanks for stopping by. And if you have any suggestions about Ira, PLEASE drop me a comment and let me know. Thanks!


One Response to “Welcome Back”

  1. Maurits May 31, 2011 at 11:03 am #

    Young dogs are what they are: active – and they are always protective of the ones they are with, considering the others a ‘threat’. Keep Ira on a short leash for walks – don’t give him freedom to stray. Don’t be afraid giving him a jerk with the leash, pulling him close to you and say “heel” – or whatever command you use. He must know one of you is in charge: you are the alpha dog. And of course keep an eye out on the surroundings – people are at fault most of the time (by people I mean others – not any of you); how many times have I seen people come up to our dogs, thinking of giving them a pat on the head … not a good idea. Jerk the dog away at once and tell the people that he is not as friendly as he might look (tell them to back off – but in a nice way). Finally: learn to think like a dog – difficult, but observe and you’ll get it.

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