WIP Wednesday

25 May

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

I’m working on the Helix Sock– just need to finish the toe on this guy and start the second one. I’m going to learn how to do cuff-down two-at-a-time so I don’t suffer through “Second Sock Syndrom” and end up with a cabinet full of single socks. The yarn is Frog Tree Pediboo in Rosy Red (colorway 1123). I describe this red as almost pinkish with hints of orange. It’s definitely not a true red, but the yarn is oh-so-yummy thanks to the 20% bamboo content. Here’s a close up.

I’ve also started balling up the new sock yarn I scored at the Kentucky Fiber Festival. I’m salivating over the rainbow yarn you see in the picture below.

So that’s my Works-in-Progress Wednesday! What are you working on today? Post a comment with a link to your blog post showing us what you’re crafting, or just tell me in the comment! This is the first time I’m hosting a WIP Wednesday. It seems these are a rarity in the knitting blogisphere, but they help me stay motivated and to get inspiration from other crafters. So help a sister out and post your stuff! Thanks- and thanks for stopping by.


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