Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival- The Goods

24 May

I’m back to tell you more deets on my weekend visit to the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival- this time on the Fiber. I took an Intro to Dyeing workshop on Saturday- very appropos considering the Rapture was going to occur that same day; learning to “die” was exactly what I needed!

The class was taught by a very funky man who was both energetic and downright goofy! There were six of us and we had a blast. The oldest woman was probably about 45 and the youngest was an art student at UK. I bet the average age was probably 35- so not a bunch of old spinsters at all!

We used Greener Shades dyes- so we didn’t have to worry about ventilating masks or heavy metal exposure- bonus! I dyed my roving a combination of Aqua Blue and Amazon Green. My second attempt was not as successful- a combination of Ruby Red, Flame Red and Amethyst Purple. Her they are below:

I really need to learn to spin now!

We also dyed yarn- I did an undercoat of yellow and the spots of blue overtop to produce a green and teal green combo. A little crazy- but it will make a great men’s hat for the Eastern European Russian Orphanage Project donation I’m working on this summer.

Then after the workshop- I had fun shopping the fiber vendors. It was so much fun walking around and seeing these small-scale home-dyed fiber vendors selling their beautiful creations. Some spin their own yarn, some buy already spun yarn and hand-dye it. I picked up two more skeins of sock yarn:

Miss Babs Rainbow Sock and Zoe in Peeps

I can’t wait to start a simple sock to show off the handpainted rainbow effect. And I got the yellow yarn because I’ve been having such a hard time finding yellow at any of my Local Yarn Stores.  Here’s another photo of my goodies:

I also bought six hanks of undyed sock yarn to dye at home with my goodies I got from the workshop. Even though they are food safe dyes- I’m still going to track down some second-hand pots to do my dyeing in. I don’t want to stain any of my good pots. I’ll have to think about where I can store these pots, though. Hmmmm….

Well, thanks for stopping by! Have a beautiful day- surround yourself with love and joy because you deserve it!


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