34 and Still Counting

1 May

Well, 34 years and counting. What better way to celebrate my 34th birthday than with a pair of happy rainbow-colored socks! Yay for colors, yay for birthdays!

I’ve had a roller coaster week- I confirmed my suspicions that the IUI did not work, so T and I are not destined to be parents yet. That’s a bummer. But I haven’t reached the end of my rope yet, have I? No way- we still have daily injectables, tube scoping and IVF to go. Oh boy! But I hear it’s worth it in the end. And T is really coming around on the adoption idea- I’m so proud of him. It took me 14 years to get to a healthy respect for adoption (not the system we have in this country, but the practice of adopting), and it’s only taken him about 6 months. That is a huge step.

Still bummed about the failed IUI, I decided to work on something I CAN grow- veggies. I got rid of the chicken wire and installed a slightly more classy looking alternative- a wire garden fence.

Maybe you can kinda see it in this photo. It’s green coated wire in an arched motif. It does the job and looks good too- just like me! Ira the Terrible has not bothered the plants that are growing, which makes them happy and me happy.

You know what else perks up my mood? Free plants:

My friend gave these to me when she couldn’t fit them in her garden- beautiful Oslo hydrangeas. They were a managers special at the grocery store, so they’ve had a tough childhood, but now they are loving their new home next to the house. A little bit of Farmer D’s soil and mulch and voila- green goddesses!

Well, that’s all the news fit to report concerning gardens and fertility treatments. I have finished another knitted animal, but since he’s a foreign exchange student, we’re working on getting his visa approved. He should be here in time to start the school year in the fall, so you will meet him then. I’m debating which knitting project to start next, but since I’m enjoying my tie-dyed socks so much, I’ll probably knit a pair of socks.

Thanks for stopping by- and here’s a parting shot of the Heirloom Cherokee Purple tomato growing in my backyard garden:


3 Responses to “34 and Still Counting”

  1. marcus May 1, 2011 at 10:52 pm #

    Dammit! I meant to wish you happy birthday yesterday and completely blew it. Ah well, I hope you found a way to celebrate properly despite the sad news.

  2. marcus May 1, 2011 at 10:53 pm #

    Oh and Happy Birthday, from a bear of very little brain.

    • Robin May 9, 2011 at 5:34 pm #

      Aww- thanks Pooh. 🙂

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