Strawberry Surprise!

23 Apr

Look at me, trying to be all fancy with my picture-takin’ machine. That’s the newest addition to my canning pantry- Strawberry Orange Jam Surprise. It’s based on the recipe from the awesome Liana Krissoff in her new book Canning for a New Generation.  I received this book from my loving hubby for my birthday- how thoughtful!

I didn’t have quite 3 pounds of strawberries required for the Strawberry Jam, so I added orange slices and apples- surprise! The result was this beautiful deep ruby red concoction that I can’t wait to smear on a warm flaky biscuit. Yummmm.

Since the canning bath water was still hot, I decided to make Green Apple Pectin. Why you ask? For my Cabernet Jelly, of course! Some jellies are made with ingredients that don’t have enough natural pectin- think tea jelly, mint jelly, or even champagne jelly. So you add the pectin from a green apple. 3 pounds of apples and 2 hours later- voila!

OK, so it looks like Medical waste, and I didn’t get all fancy with the camera angle. But there is the 3 cups of green apple pectin for my highly anticipated next canning adventure. I can already taste the hard cheese and Cabernet jelly with salted meats and a tall glass of wine. Hmmmmm…

Oh- and since I had all that apple pulp, I made an apple spice cake. We sat on the sunny front porch eating cake and watching all the kids coming back with baskets full of candy from the egg hunt at the park today. Life is good.

Thanks for stopping by! See you soon-


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    […] It took us about two hours, and the jam never really set- it’s still pretty juicy like the Strawberry Orange Surprise jam.  I think it may be related to the low sugar content, but the taste is OUTSTANDING. I had some on […]

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