Back Yard Progress

18 Apr

I can’t believe how productive we’ve been this weekend. Take that- Inertia! Here’s a picture of the completed foundation for the planned shed. We completed this between demolishing our friend’s Mystery Room, emptying their garage into a dumpster, and consuming copious amounts of Fox Brothers’ BBQ. Here’s how the hubby started the day:

Mystery Room During

The Mystery Room- no longer a mystery

Nice job, gang! T and I went home and completed the shed foundation, and I even built a little tomato trellis for my backyard garden.

I’m always a bit embarrassed to take pictures of the back yard because the grass is in such bad shape. But oh well- grass is a waste of water, and the dogs would tear it up in a hot minute.  Anyway, here’s a closeup of the trellis corner:

A handful of zip ties, some bird netting and half inch pvc is all it took.  Now I need to plant my tomatoes!

Just a quick update today. I’m working on some knitting crafts, but they are still Works in Progress. I’ll be sure to post them when they’re done!  Thanks for stopping by.


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