I’ve Been Canned!

7 Apr

HOUSE SALSA. Picture courtesy SimpleBites.net

OK- not literally, that would be uncomfortable. But I took a leap of faith in myself and canned my first recipe yesterday. House Salsa.  Why salsa, you ask?  Let me tell you one reason: my hubby. He loves the stuff. Give him a jar of salsa and tortilla chips and he is one happy guy! But every time I stop at the salsa aisle in the store (I swear it’s a whole aisle, maybe,) I take a big gulp.  Yikes, I’m lucky if I can get a half-pint jar for $4- $5 bucks. That adds up quick in our house.

So when Simple Bites had an article on eating well and saving money, I skimmed over it. (I understand the reasons why, just skip to the good part and tell me how!) She has a fantastic menu of pantry staples you can make from scratch and save money: sauces, condiments, syrups, salad dressings, stocks, spreads and dairy. Oh my!

Being careful not to dive in too deep, I picked one item that we use a lot of and decided on salsa. I figure we don’t go through enough mayonnaise or ketchup to warrant my making it yet, but when I get really paranoid about sugars and bad fats, I’ll convert.

So salsa it is! And I love this first recipe because it uses mostly canned tomatoes. Yup! Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. It took about an hour for the canning bath to come to a boil, but the recipe only cooked for 10 minutes. Then into the bath for 15 minutes and voila! 6 pints of House Salsa for under $20. If you’re counting, 6 pints of grocery store salsa would cost about $60. *Ding Ding* Robin takes the round with a TKO!

So with a resounding success, I’m hooked on canning. I’m heading out to the Farmers Market tomorrow to see what’s in season and maybe nab a good deal for my next canning experiment. I’m not quite ready for pickles, but I know it’s not cucumber season yet. Maybe some early strawberries?

Well- thanks for stopping by. And go on over to Simple Bites to see what other great ideas she has for eating healthy and frugally. See you soon!

Update April 9: We enjoyed cocktails and snacks on the front porch last night and opened up the first jar of this Salsa.  Holy wow- it’s a keeper! I even like it, and I don’t like tomatoes. It was spicy enough to be considered “Medium”, and the tomatoes had a nice robust taste without being too “bright”- probably because I used Muir Glenn Organic Fire Roasted canned tomatoes. Yummy- I’m so proud of myself!


3 Responses to “I’ve Been Canned!”

  1. Tim Cailloux April 7, 2011 at 8:45 pm #

    I am looking forward to more tasty things! Are carrots in season? Maybe pickled carrots? Can you do that?

  2. Gail Bechtel April 8, 2011 at 8:13 am #

    More yummm. Strawberries next?

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