Wheat Street Garden

5 Apr

When I asked a friend what she would like to read about, she piped up, “The new Community Garden in Old Fourth Ward.”  I did a little research online, but it took a newsletter from the Garden Hood to kickstart this post. Amy Foster wrote a wonderful article about this new community garden with big dreams here. I’ll do a quick summary of her article below.

Rashid Nuri, the founder of Truly Living Well Center for Natural Urban Agriculture, spotted the lot a few years ago and opened up a conversation with the Wheat Street Baptist Church, which owns the property, about creating an urban farm that would provide food, educational opportunities, and a site for community activities.

Nuri and a handful of volunteers broke ground in December 2010,  building 58 raised beds  on the foundation slabs of the former housing project.  In the spaces of earth between the old building sites, they transplanted rows of fruit trees, berries, and herbs.

When Amy visited on March 28th (about six weeks after planting), they had already harvested over 80 pounds of produce, and the beds were all still brimming over! The Wheat Street Garden uses “Zoo Poo” from the Atlanta Zoo, as well as vegetable waste collected daily from the Sweet Auburn Curb Market.

For your own personal dose of inspiration, visit the farm – or better yet, volunteer! – Monday through Saturday, 9am-5pm at  75 Hilliard Street between Irwin Street and Auburn Avenue.  Apply for a CSA membership in person or online at www.trulylivingwell.com. Plus, Nuri will be offering classes on urban gardening fundamentals throughout the year.

On a different note, but still apropos, my little garden in the back is not doing nearly as well as those at the Wheat Street Garden. I think my mixture is too dense- maybe I will need to add lots of Zoo Poo and other compost next year. My little sprouts haven’t grown much in the last few weeks since you saw them, and a few have shriveled up and died. Hmmmmm, what should I do? Should I just hold out and wait, or should I give in and amend the soil mixture before summer planting?


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