Trip to the Atlanta Zoo

4 Apr

OK Ollie, let’s go have an adventure!  How do you feel about walking to the Atlanta Zoo together?  It’s just up the street and they opened a new section for carnivores.  OK, OK- we don’t have to get too close if that will make you feel better. I understand.

Here we are- the Atlanta Zoo.  Boy, I’m tired. Let’s sit on this bench for a short rest.

Yes, it is very blustery today.  We’ll have to hold on to each other so we don’t get carried away by the wind! Oh look who’s coming up the sidewalk! My friend, Mr. Buns!

I’m so happy to see you out on this beautiful day! We were just walking to the zoo, would you like to join us?  Oh good news!  The more the merrier.

Wow- there’s a lot of people here today. So many families- what a great place to go for Spring Break! Which area would you like to visit first? Sure thing- let’s go visit the monkeys!

Well Hello There! Aren’t you a cute monkey! It’s so nice to meet you, Penelope. What a lovely name- and a good lookin’ banana, too.

Would you like to share my banana? I’ll even peal it for you!

Gosh Penelope- you are so generous to share.  Thank you! I would love to introduce you to my friends, Beau Bunny, Bruce Ladybug, Ollie Owl, and I’m Maggie Mouse.

Hey everyone- this is Penelope! Hey Penelope, we’re on an adventure today.  Would you like to join us?



You bet- meeting new friends is always an adventure. Let’s swing on over to meet the giraffes!


To be continued . . .


2 Responses to “Trip to the Atlanta Zoo”

  1. marcus April 4, 2011 at 2:59 pm #

    That monkey is awesome!

  2. Gail April 4, 2011 at 4:23 pm #

    Wow – what an adventure! Looks like the gang is having a great time. Can’t wait until they visit the giraffes!

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