Early Spring Garden Tour

22 Mar

I'm ready for my closeup Mr. De Mille

Let’s go on a little tour of our spring garden. First the back wall, and then the Veggie Garden. There’s so much going on in Spring!

I have to admit- I am not much of a photographer. It’s all so complicated to me, and my pictures never look like what my eye sees.  So I’ll just make do with a few shots I took this morning. First, on the far back right corner of the wall is an evergreen Clematis and the three Columbine plants. I planted white impatiens in-between these.

Then I placed the remaining 2.5 flats of impatiens down the wall. I spread the colors so it slowly changes from light pink to dark pink.

Little specks of color along the wall

On the front left hand corner of the wall is another Evergreen Clematis that gets a lot more sunshine every day, so it’s big and covered in flowers. The sweet smell of these flowers is lovely in the morning!

Then over at the Veggie Garden, little micro shoots are peaking up! Here’s a selection, including the beets, turnips and lettuces.

I hope you enjoyed the little tour of our early spring garden. I’ll leave you with a little peak at the progress I’m making on the next construction project:


One Response to “Early Spring Garden Tour”

  1. Gail March 22, 2011 at 1:04 pm #

    I just love this – It makes me smile. And I’m looking forward to the progress over the next weeks. Thanks for sharing.

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