WHO is this?

18 Mar

Ms. Mouse decided to  enjoy the warm sunny day by going for a walk and looking at all the new spring growth in the neighborhood. She brought her basket and strawberry in case she got a little hungry and wanted a snack. First she found a little purple bud, getting ready to open up to the fresh new sunshine. Soon overhead, she heard a little rustling.  What’s that?

Who is there in the vine on the trellis? Ms. Mouse called up for the little spy to come down and introduce himself. Our new friend is a bit shy, isn’t he?

Oh- and he has a sweet little pal, Ladybug! Well, it’s so nice to meet you Ollie the Owlet and Bruce the Ladybug. Are you enjoying this beautiful and warm day?

I know- it’s amazing how warm it is. It’s the perfect day for playing in the flowers. That’s one of my favorite things to do. Oh look, a dandelion!

Why Ollie, that is so sweet of you to offer.  Sure, I would love to make a wish!


I wished to make you my new friend, Ollie.  Would you and Bruce like to walk to the park with me?

Oh- you are so sweet. I love hugs. You have just made my wish come true.  Thanks Ollie and Bruce. Let’s go have an adventure together. . . .

[ To be continued ] . . . .


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