Hang on Little Tomato

5 Mar

Have you even listened to Pink Martini’s Hang on Little Tomato? If not, take a listen here- it’s perfect for today: sad and hopeful at the same time.

So we went for our Day 12 Ultrasound, and it’s not great news. I mean, it’s not bad, but it’s just not great. No follicle growth and thin lining (i.e.- not gonna work this cycle). My cyst is pretty big, though- so she wants me to come back on Monday for another ultrasound to see if it’s growing. Arggg.

So I’m part of the 25% of women who don’t seem to respond to Clomid. (Hubby says someone has to be part of the 25%, might as well be me. Humph.) So the Doctor has two more options before we start going to the daily injectables. She’s believes very strongly in avoiding multiple births (twins, etc.) because it can mean lower birth rate and hence more complications. I’m with her on this, although twins does sound kind of nice. Anyway, my next two options are to increase my Clomid dose next cycle, and if that doesn’t work, try some steroid concoction during the following cycle. Then if it’s still a no-go, we’ll explore the daily injectables. It’s nice to know there are options out there, but it’s also a bummer that we have to keep waiting.

We started seeing the reproductive endocrinologist before Thanksgiving, so we’re in month 6. Not too bad, I know. Some people work on this for years. And what else can we do? Besides, I had a little pick-me-up last night to keep us going.

We went over to a friend’s house who just had a little girl. She was born a month early, so she is really tiny. But oh so perfect! She’s healthy and strong and growing quickly. And I got to hold her last night for a good while. It was magical. This perfect little bundle making silly faces, grunting and squeaking. All I wanted to do was cuddle her and watch her- I could have done it all night.

So- that’s what it’s all about. That time holding the munchkin reved up my internal patience meter, making it easier to take today’s news. There’s still hope, so hang on little tomato!


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