Life Hacking

3 Mar

The amazing prolific Mary over at Piece Garden let me in on a little blog secret. It’s called Simple Mom– and it’s a whole set of blogs on living simply, organically, with kids- and even one about homeschooling.

OK, so it’s not so little, and not so secretive. But it was news to me! See, Mary sewed together a cute little Home Management book that she based off of the free downloads at Simple Mom. Not knowing what a Home Management book is, and ever the curious cat, I went on over to Simple Mom. And I spent hours there.

Seriously, it’s such a helpful and cool site. I’m not even a mom- but there’s tons of good ideas on how to ‘hack’ you life to make it easier. Like the Daily Docket- I’ve used it for the last few days and really like it. I even updated it to fit my life! Here’s a link to download a PDF of my updated DailyDocket.

There are some other really cool forms on Simple Mom that I’ve used, including the grocery checklist and the house cleaning checklist. I updated the Housecare Checklist to fit my life, and then refer back to it when I’m planning my Daily Docket.

These little tools have helped me not only organize my day, but also build some self-confidence. I’ve been feeling a little blue about not working and trying to convinse myself that I do have value. These little forms help me realize how much I do around the house- so I feel much better about my contribution.

I’m going to work on updating the grocery checklist to fit my shopping style, and I’m going to work on a cute monthly menu planner. Last week, I made WAY too much food. Even these recipes that say serve 2 end up serving more like 4. With Tim traveling, I end up having four meals of the same dish! Blah. I hate wasting food, but I hate eating leftovers even more. So I’ve decided to create a monthly meal plan with about three or four recipes a week. That leaves breathing room for eating out, dinning with family, and eating the occasional bowl of cereal for dinner. Yup- I do that, and more than occasionally.

So when these new forms are complete, I’ll post them onto a page of downloads. Maybe I can work on the graphics here at little pebble, too.

Thanks for stopping by!


One Response to “Life Hacking”

  1. Tim Cailloux March 3, 2011 at 7:00 pm #

    I hope the monthly menu includes a healthy dose of cabbage with sausage! Hrm… Sausage and healthy in the same sentence….

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