Put a Plant On It!

16 Feb

Put a Plant On It!

I thought this ReNest post was apropos considering my current sickness. I’m not going to add much to this pithy post, so go read it. Basically, NASA did a study that proves indoor house plants improve indoor air quality. So go get a plant!

The ReNest post includes the list of recommended plants, and I went searching the interweb to see if any of these plants are available in Atlanta. There’s nothing fancy here, so go over to your local hardware/garden store and pick up a few. What you will notice is that no succulents are mentioned here, so these guys will take a little TLC. (AKA- water and sunshine.)

Here’s the list from ReNest:

  • Bamboo palm, Chamaedorea seifritzii
  • Chinese evergreen, Aglaonema modestum
  • English ivy, Hedera helix
  • Gerbera daisy, Gerbera jamesonii
  • Janet Craig, Dracaena “Janet Craig”
  • Marginata, Dracaena marginata
  • Mass cane/Corn plant, Dracaena massangeana
  • Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, Sansevieria laurentii
  • Pot mum, Chrysantheium morifolium
  • Peace lily, Spathiphyllum
  • Warneckii, Dracaena “Warneckii”



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