A Little B&A Action

16 Feb

Hi guys- I’m sick. I have a nasty sore throat and every muscle in my body hurts. Since I’m not really thinking clearly, I’ve decided to post a little Before and After action shots. No- not of me, that would not be suitable for publication. B&A of the front office.

We were using the bedrooms in the house for separate offices- his and hers. But since we’re working on starting a family (yes- work), we’ve decided to condense our offices into one and convert the middle bedroom into a guest room/ future nursery. But this is a multi-step process in an old house. For instance, we need electricity in the front room that will be used as the office.

OK- that may be a little overstatement, we had one working outlet in the front room. Not enough for a real working office. So we hired a wonderful electrician who added three more outlets to the office. He charged us 20% of other quotes- showed me his insurance, was very timely and professional. The best part was that he was very neat and tidy- all the wires are tacked and hung neatly in the crawl space- this makes the hubby very happy.

Now that we’re ready for the great office conversion. We need a space for the hubby, while organizing it so that it’s neat and tidy for me and my sanity. And I need a place to store my crafty supplies. Oh- and we need a place to watch the TV. Not too many demands for a 12×12 room, right? OK- a little sarcasm there.

Here’s some before and after shots:

Office Before, south window

Office Before, east window

Office Before, north wall

Office Before, west wall fireplace

Office After, west wall fireplace

Office after, south windows

Office After, east window

Office After, north wall

I’m no Emily Henderson, and I’m working with what I have. We did buy a shelving unit from Ikea to store the fax machine and other gadgets with wires that the Boy needs for work. And the old nasty rocking chair is the same one my mom used to rock me in when I was a baby- so it will eventually get recovered and moved into the nursery.

I still have to do some wire management around the desk, but it’s still not completely set up yet, so I’ll have to wait. Eventually, my goal is to redecorate the room into a more modern palate. The yellow and brown has to go- I’m thinking grey and yellow with the pops of crisp white brought by the glossy Ikea furniture.

The expensive, but dual purpose, sofa bed.

Since the goal for the guest room/ nursery is to have a little person living in there, I’m thinking I need to replace the coach with a sofa bed. Given the dimensions of the room, I’ll have to keep my eyes pealed for a compact sofa bed under 75 inches. Something like the Allerton from Crate and Barrel:

Love, thy name is Oxford

Oh- and since the rocker will go in the nursery, I have my eyes (and heart) set on this beauty to replace it. Oh, buttery soft dove grey leather, you make my heart skip a beat.

Oh- and lesson learned. Light-colored run + two big dogs and husband = nasty dirty rug in short period of time. So the next rug will have to be darker, and maybe modular so I can clean up spots easier.

Given the darker furniture and the darker rug, I’ll have to keep the walls and curtains light. Thankfully this room has lots of natural light, and the glossy white furniture will also reflect light. Then I’ll add accent pillows and artwork to add pops of color. Maybe I’ll even make my own artwork- gasp!

OK guys, thanks for reading through this post. I’m going to go back to bed and try to out-sleep this sickness.


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