Weekend Update

6 Feb

Our Urban Homestead

Days like today are what life is all about, friends. It is finally a gorgeous day here, where it’s been raining straight for a week. Not that I’m complaining, I’d much rather have rain than snow like the rest of the country is getting hit with. But it is stunning outside. Sunny, crisp, and fresh.

So I just have a quick update about the weekend. The hubby and I have been very social, which you know is not my strong suite. And yet, I’ve had a fantastic time hanging out with everyone. We hung out with the Commune at the Marley on Friday night (my closest group of friends at the best pub in the ATL), and we had brunch with my high school buddy and his lovely wife on Saturday morning, and finally, we hung out with T’s classmate, AB and C last night. It was wonderful!

In between all this socializing, I did get a little project done at the homestead that I’ve been putting off for about a year.  I finally hung our house numbers!

Grant Park, like many in-town Atlanta neighborhoods, has a symbol.  I don’t know how else to describe it. Inman Park has the butterfly, Oakhurst has the Oak tree, Ormwood has the Trolley, and we have the “sunburst”. Lots of houses in the ‘hood hang these yellow signs on their front porch displaying their street numbers. I’ve been putting this off out of shear laziness for about 5 years now, but when the house painters painted over the house numbers (barely visible in the picture above the yellow sign), it became more pressing.  So yesterday I bit the bullet and committed to these numbers. They are slightly raised, so it casts a shadow and adds depth to the sign.  And they’re much larger numbers than most of the other neighbors use.  Here are some other examples of the Grant Park sunburst:

Home featured in Southern Living

Love the punch of color on the door

So there you have it friends. I know there’s not much Urban Homesteading information included in this post, so I hope you’ll forgive my ramblings. Have a fantastic weekend!



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