Zombie Baker

4 Feb

Image courtesy Rachel Ray Magazine

So most of you know that about 6 months ago, I was all fired up to start my own small bakery business selling bundt cakes at farmer’s markets and the like. I got a small loan and started sampling out my goods, if you know what I mean. Heck, I even sold a few.

But I kept loosing money. One thing or another, my cakes always seemed to cost me more than I made.  In fact, hubby just did the taxes, and all told, I spent over $2k and made under $300. Yup, I’m no Warren Buffet. So I pulled the emergency brakes- I can’t do this if I’m going to loose money. Period.

Well, like a zombie, this idea just won’t die. Today I saw this video posted on YouTube about a Community Supported Baker. Some of you know of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) where the members pay the farmers up front for a share of the produce.  As a member, you share in the risk and the rewards of the farmer by investing up front, and reaping the benefits (food) spread across the growing season. Well, this baker took the idea and applied it to baking.  (Only on the west coast, right?)

It’s a long video, and a little amateur.  But to summarize:

  • Teacher turns baker and starts small about 3 years ago
  • Now has professional kitchen in the backyard garage
  • Has about 25 members now and sells at 2 farmers markets
  • $20 a week for 20 weeks ($400) for full share, which includes loaf of slicing bread, loaf of quick bread, dozen cookies and a dessert. She also has smaller shares like half and mini.
  • Has two full 20 week sessions and one 6 week holiday session. (Jan-May; June-Oct; Nov-Dec.)
  • She uses about 80% organic ingredients. The eggs and butter are not organic, but are local. This jives with my experience on spending all my profit on eggs and butter.

So- what do you think about this idea?  Could it work in Atlanta? We have lots of Farmer’s Markets, and a few well-organized CSAs for meat and agriculture. But could this idea stand on its own, or would it be better tied to an existing CSA?

Here’s what I was thinking for membership shares:

Trenta ($30 a week) – two full loaves of slicing bread, different varieties; done dozen cookies; one large bundt cake (serves 12-16 slices)

Full serving ($20 a week) – one loaf of slicing bread; one dozen cookies; one medium bundt cake (serves 6-8 slices)

Half serving ($10 a week) – one loaf of slicing bread; half dozen cookies; two mini bundt cakes (each serves 2)

Mini serving ($5 a week) – half loaf slicing bread; half dozen cookies; one mini bundt cake (serves 2)

Would you sign up, and if so, at which rate?  Would you prefer a weekly commitment, similar to the Soup Mama? Comeon people- talk to me!

Mini Bundt cakes



2 Responses to “Zombie Baker”

  1. Mary February 4, 2011 at 3:08 pm #

    Honestly? That seems like a STEAL. My husband and I rarely eat bread. Well, he eats it, and I don’t often. We maybe use a loaf every two weeks. $5 for our bread for a week, plus extra goodies, sounds great. Especially when the local bakeries far exceed our allowable price per loaf.

    • little pebble February 4, 2011 at 3:14 pm #

      Yeah- the Mini share is a good price; I might have to limit it to either the cookies OR the mini bundt cake. But here’s a question- would you be willing to pick it up on your way home from work- like at Cook’s Warehouse or something? Or would you pay a little extra to have it delivered to your house, if possible?

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