Blog Organization

26 Jan

So I’ve sat down and thought a bit about the blog content.  I’m finally using this little ring of index cards I bought a year ago with the intent of writing down my exercises.  Since I only went to the gym once, I don’t think I’m going to use it for that.  But it works perfectly for helping me jot down ideas for blog topics.

This blog will be organized into several categories:

  • project entries
  • Urban Homesteading
  • Community Builders
  • Peace of Mind

There may be more in the future, but these will help me get started.  I’ve already discussed the project in my first blog entry, so I won’t bore you repeating it again.  Here’s the link to the website– go ahead a sign up yourself.  It’s really hard work, but so far it’s been worth it for me.

I will say one thing about the 750words entries: they will be very personal and poorly written. The point of these entries is to write as much as you can as quickly as possible to bring the subconscious a little closer to the surface. My goals is to understand what I’m feeling so I can begin to address these feelings and emotional habits. Depending on the content, I may make a few of these entries private.  We’ll see.

The next subject area is Urban Homesteading.  Seems pretty self-explanatory, but here’s a link to the mother of all Urban Homesteads, located in Pasadena, CA. I stumbled across these guys a few years ago; they are my heroes! My dream is to one day work my way towards the level of urban self-sufficiency that they have achieved.  I know, lots of work- but totally worth it.

Other ideas in the Urban Homestead category will include my own gardening experience, any kind of research I do along the way, ideas in backyard farming and husbandry, ideas for water or energy collection and conservation, ideas for waste reduction and creative reuse, personal transport options, and any examples of local people working to improve sustainable food production and distribution.  There’s a wealth of topics in this category alone, so I’ll try hard to not get too preachy and to focus on local examples or individual efforts.  I’ll need your help, so please contact me with people or groups that you know of in the Atlanta region.

The Community Builders category will have lots of overlap with the other categories, but the idea is to feature people who are working to improve their community by sharing their passions, and to demonstrate that one person’s efforts can make a difference.  I also plan to post any truly inspiring Ted Talks here and write a brief summary.  I’m enamored with the Ted Talks website and encourage everyone to visit the site.  I also subscribe to the podcasts via iTunes.  I love to listen while I knit!

The final category, Peace of Mind, is a catch-all for my thoughts and experiences related to my personal journey for peace of mind, or contentment, or self-worth, or whatever you want to call it.  This will be where I file entries based on spirituality, meditation, yoga, conflict management, and whatever else I stumble across on my journey.  Also some pretty personal subjects, so please be gentle with your comments.

Well- that’s the initial gist of the Little Pebble blog. I hope you will enjoy reading these entries as much as I’ve enjoyed sharing them. Let the journey begin!


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