First Thoughts

25 Jan

I thought I would start a little blog for myself where I can post my daily project as well as other inspirations I find on the interwebs that motivate me. The project is my personal journey to self-realization and hopefully self actualization. (Whatever that means.) Really, it’s just a way for me to organize my thoughts splashing around in my brain so that I feel a bit more centered and focused.  Maybe even find a little peace along the way. For the month of February, I’ve promised myself that if I write a daily entry, then I will reward myself with a treat, either a facial in a spa, or some nice skin care products.  If I miss a day, I’ve promised myself that I will paint the unpainted trim work in my house.  So this is real motivation, people!

The other idea for this blog is to provide links and information about the positive contributions that other people are making in the world and in their communities, no matter how small (or big).  I really want to focus on people in the Atlanta area, but will probably have to broaden my initial range until I get to know more people in my community. During my daily surf in my extensive blog reader, I come across many examples of community builders outside of the Atlanta area; in fact, few are from the Southeast at all.  I must believe that there are wonderful examples of committed, determined, and compassionate people and organizations that are working in the Atlanta region and in the Southeast to make the world a better place, especially in the fields of sustainability and environmental responsibility. So part of my project is to go out there and find them.  And then to spread the word.

What’s the point?, you may ask.  Well, I believe in my heart that we all have the ability to profoundly affect our world and each other.  But I read the news and talk to my friends and I quickly get overwhelmed by the enormity of problems out there. I think, what can one person really do? And not just any person- but me- what can I really do to have any positive impact in this world?  It seems so daunting, and I seem so small. But like a little pebble, we can make ripples in our communities that spread and grow.  And maybe, just maybe, these actions can be the change we want to see in this world.




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